There are two reasons why we need to consume certain vitamins on a daily basis.

When man first evolved in Equatorial Africa, they didn’t need vitamin supplements. They ran around naked, soaking up sunlight at high levels and their skin made Vitamin D naturally.

In today’s environment, we can never make a healthy level of Vitamin D on our own. Even if we could, our skin is not engineered to make Vitamin D for 80 years, as opposed to the typical 40-year lifespan of the caveman.

The second reason we need to consume certain vitamins daily is that back in caveman days, there were approximately 400 times less heavy metals and many times less organic pollutants in the foods we grow and harvest and in the air we breathe.

Our liver is designed to rid our bodies of all those toxins, but it also depletes the body of essential vitamins and minerals in the process. To overcome the toxic and polluted environment in which we now live, we really have no choice but to take large doses of vitamins to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Vitamins We Need Every Day


The patients I see are typically deficient in the following vitamins: selenium, iodine, magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K. Before starting a multivitamin regimen, discuss with your doctor which ones would be best for your body chemistry. It’s important to understand the benefit each vitamin provides and the ratios of these vitamins to each other.

The timing for adding certain vitamins is also critically important. If they’re put in the wrong order or in the wrong ratios of each other, you can induce other disease processes. For example, large doses of Vitamin D can make your Vitamin K level become deficient, or giving somebody good doses of iodine if they’re low in selenium will make the thyroid systems malfunction.

Selecting a multivitamin regimen is a complicated chemical process, so consult with your doctor before you begin. If you have questions about vitamin therapies, please call PureHealth Family Functional Medicine at (317) 559-2515, or you can email me at

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